Lots of our school processes are happening differently this year, as a result of the measures schools have put in place to combat the coronavirus.

By this time of year, we would normally have started the transition for year 7 going into year 8.
We need information from you to continue. Please read this email carefully.

This is a two stage process:

1. Students are put into main school houses depending on existing family links
2. Students are put into main school classes using positive groups created by tutors

We are hoping to gather the information that we need for the first stage over the course of this week.
You will find a link at the end of this email to a form for you to fill in remotely.

This form is to double-check information about students that are or who have been through SMRT that are related to your child currently in year 7.

The first part of the form asks about siblings. For your information, we use the definition of a sibling that is defined in the school admission process.

"A Sibling is a brother or sister, half-brother or half-sister or step-brother or step-sister living in the same Home and family unit.
Full brothers/sisters are defined as children who have the same biological or adoptive Parents.
Half brothers/sisters are defined as children who share only one biological or adoptive Parent.
Step brothers/sisters are defined as children who are not related biologically but are living in the same household."

The second part of the form asks about extended family members that have been to SMRT.
You will see that there is information about the new names of the houses to help you fill in this part.


Please complete this form before Friday April 30th 


Main school heads of house will then allocate year 7 students to tutor groups within their house.
For the most part, students will be placed in the same tutor group as their relatives, unless this is not practical due to the number of students already in that group.

Students that do not have any existing family links will be placed in houses in order to balance pastoral support for learning support requirements and behavioural support needs.

If you have information that does not fit on this form, please make sure that you complete the form first.


You are welcome to email Mrs Roberts (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with additional information, but please be aware that main school tutor groups are restricted by size and that unless there are exceptional circumstances only family links will be considered.

We are investigating the best way to share the house information to you all remotely once these decisions have been made.

Mrs Roberts
Teacher of Maths & ICT
Deputy Head of Müller House & Numeracy Coordinator

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