If your child has any of the following symptoms:

• high temperature
• continuous cough
• loss or change in sense of smell
• gastrointestinal symptoms (tummy upset, abdominal cramps, off food, nausea, diarrhoea)
• sore throat
• runny nose
• intense/unusual headache


Then your child will need to stay off school and self-isolate for 10 full days (day 1 starts the day after the symptoms start) or until your child gets a negative NHS PCR test* result. They will need to do this as these symptoms can be symptomatic of Covid-19 in young people and they are all contagious symptoms that will spread illness to other people. If the PCR test result is negative and your child has no symptoms then they will be able to return to school. If the PCR test is positive, let the school know and your child and your household will need to self-isolate.

*These are the tests that you book through the NHS website.


Home Testing
If your child is using the home testing kits then they are using the lateral flow tests. We regard these as just one useful source of information in keeping us safe. Their usefulness is the speed at which the results are given which enables swift action to be taken to prevent onward transmission.

Lateral flow tests do have limitations as they miss about half of cases. There are also a very few false positive results. To ensure that we minimise lost days of onsite learning we will ask people that test positive on the home kits to let school know as soon as possible and to get a confirmatory NHS PCR test.

Students who have been in contact with a student who has tested positive with a lateral flow test will be asked to self-isolate but if the student is symptom free and the PCR test is negative we will then notify the self-isolating students that they may return to school. This approach is allowed by the government for lateral flow tests taken at home.

Please remember that the wider range of symptoms are still really important and you must stay at home if you have any of them (even if the home test result is negative) and book an NHS PCR test.


Do remember to let the school know of any positive test result by clicking on the relevant link below:


Main School -
6th form -


If you do not have access to the internet you can ring the school attendance line on 0117 3532069 and leave a message.




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