Dear parents/carers of all students in years 7-10 and 12 and 13


Advice to parents - single confirmed case


We have had notification today of a single confirmed case of Covid-19 within St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School in year 11. The student only had mild tummy upset symptoms followed by “cold” symptoms. They did not have any of the more classic symptoms of continuous cough, high fever or lack of taste or smell. Thankfully they took our advice to stay off school and get a test. We are very grateful to them for doing this as this has reduced the risk of ongoing transmission.


All students in year 11 may have been in close contact therefore all year 11 students need to stay away from school and self-isolate until Sunday 27th September which is 14 days after the student was last in school.


Because we have been careful to establish separate bubbles all the other students in other years can continue to attend school. This includes siblings of year 11 students as long as they are completely well and have no symptoms of any kind.


We want to continue to be cautious and alert to other possible cases. Symptoms are often milder in young people as was the case with this student. Recent research has shown that young people frequently do not display the typical adult symptoms of a continuous cough, fever or lack of taste or smell. Often young people may only have a slight tummy upset or be “off their food” and have a mild sore throat or cold symptoms and feel really tired and have a headache. The research on this is still developing. We know that it is inconvenient for individuals that our school has been cautious about symptoms but in this case a potential for the loss of 17,000 days of learning if the whole school had to be shut for two weeks has been massive reduced compared to this student continuing to attend school. One person staying off with minor symptoms of a tummy upset and sore throat and runny nose and getting a test and then alerting us swiftly when the test result came in has meant that learning onsite has been much more able to take place. We are enormously appreciative of all the parents that are being so supportive especially at a time of difficulty in getting tests. I have already contacted two MPs and requested that a wider range of categories of symptoms are allowed for school age students to get tests. This would prevent more schools having to close and would prevent the disease spreading across our city much more effectively!


If your child becomes unwell with any of the symptoms we have listed in our guidance: Continuous cough, fever, lack of smell or taste, tummy upset, sore throat, runny nose please do get a test. The first three symptoms are the only ones that the NHS website normally responds to. Do let the school know the outcome of the test by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Do not get a test if your child is well as there is a shortage of tests and well people do not need to get tests.


If your child is well at the end of the 14 day period of self-isolation then they can return to usual activities and return to school on Monday 28th September.


I am waiting to liaise further with Public Health England and will send you any updates and further information when I can.

Thank you for your support.


Elisabeth Gilpin



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