If you are interested in purchasing a 2020 Leavers’ Hoodie, please complete the following steps:


1. Look at the colour charts and size guides below or in a larger format here.

2. Choose either a College hoodie or a Varsity hoodie.

3. Complete the order form you will have received with the letter from Mr Mansell. A copy of the order form is also available below. 

4. Return the order form to Mrs Williams, Admin Office by Friday 6 March


College Hoodies

XS 34" S 36" M 40" L 44" XL 48" 2XL 52" 3XL 56" 4XL* 60" 5XL* 62"
*4XL-5XL only available in these colours

College Hoodie example


College Hoodie 1

College Hoodie 2

College Hoodie 3



Varsity Hoodies

XS* 34" S 36" M 40" L 44" XL 48" 2XL 52" 3XL† 56" 4XL 60" 5XL 62"
*XS only available in these colours. †3XL only available in these colours. △4XL - 5XL only available in these colours

Varsity Hoodie example


Varsity Hoodie 1

Varsity Hoodie 2



Download this file (Hoodie Order form 2020.doc)Hoodie Order form 2020.doc36 kB
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