The May Newsletter is now available to view here.


The Bristol City Council's Families in Focus team have produced a bulletin packed full of activities for half term and beyond plus details of services and opportunities for families and young people. See the attachment below.


Below is the timetable for the mocks running from Tuesday 20 June to Friday 30 June. All exams are in the Sports Hall except for French/German/Spanish listening and Music. The revision topic list will be shared before half term. Students will have an assembly with more specific details on the 6 June.


Students will be in normal lessons when not in an exam. There are 3 scheduled mop-up sessions for students who are absent and miss the exam slot or for a handful of students who have a clash with another subject. Please note the times listed do not include extra time for those students with access requirements.


The April Newsletter is now available to view here.

Dear Parent/Carer


I would like to invite you to ‘virtually’ attend our Parent/Carers’ Evenings on Tuesday 9 and Thursday 11 May. This will be an opportunity for you to meet with your child’s subject teachers to discuss their progress or any concerns you or the teachers may have. Different teachers are available on each of the two evenings, depending on their teaching days and other commitments, which means you are likely to need to use both days to see all teachers. If a teacher is marked as unavailable for one day, then please check the alternative date for a vacant slot.

The school uses a very straightforward online appointment booking system, which enables these appointments to take place via video link. You choose your own 5 minute slots with teachers (or ask the system to automatically generate them) and receive an email confirming them. The system allows you to book all of your appointments consecutively, but our advice is that you do not do this because you could find it quite exhausting! There is much to be said for building in a 5-minute gap between all or some appointments so that you have time to process the information, especially if two parents or a parent and student are doing this together. However, in order to fit sufficient appointments in to the time available, teachers will not have these gaps and normally need to go directly from one appointment to another. This means that teachers will need to be very focused in their feedback and to draw the conversation to a close within the last minute of the appointment in order to have a short 30 second gap between conversations. If this does not happen the system will end the appointment abruptly at the scheduled time and this time cannot be extended. If further discussion, in exceptional cases, is necessary the teacher will arrange to follow up by email or telephone.


When you go into the online booking system to your child’s class list you may see the option to make an appointment with Mrs Whittaker - SENco or Mrs Parsons, Deputy SENco. You are not obliged to make an appointment but the option is there if you choose to do so.


Appointments can be made from Thursday 4 May at 08.00 and will close on Wednesday 10 May at 23.55. We recommend one set of appointments is made per student. Please visit to book your appointments (a short guide on how to add appointments and access the video connection is included with this letter). The system works effectively on computers and smartphones using up to date web browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox. To log in to the system, you will need the following information for your child:


• Preferred Forename
• Preferred Surname
• Date of Birth


Should you have any queries or are unable to make online appointments from 4th May, please contact Mrs Williams, Pastoral Administrator on 0117 377 2100 ext 216 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If one of your chosen teachers has run out of appointments and you would like feedback please contact Mrs Williams who will pass on your request. Where teachers do not work either of the days allocated to this event this has been indicated on the system and those teachers will make contact with you directly by email with some feedback. If teachers are unable to carry out their appointments because they are unwell this will either be indicated on the system at the point of booking or you will be made aware of this with an email update.


We hope you will find the evening informative and enjoyable.


Yours faithfully,


Mrs K Duzniak

Assistant Headteacher


Please see the attached information for Year 7 Activities Week.