In-Year Admission Form - Year 7-11


The Governors at St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School need the information you provide on this supplementary form so that they can apply the Oversubscription Criteria to your application. This form must be completed by all applicants i.e. you are applying under the Oversubscription Criteria A, B, C, D and E. The Oversubscription Criteria are shown on page 4 of the Admissions Policy, which is available on the Admissions page of this website.


Before completing this form you must:

• Read our Admissions Policy and the Guidance Notes available on the Admissions page of this website. This will help you to complete this form. 

• If you are applying for a faith place, please meet with the authorised representatives from your Church/Place of Worship* to discuss you/your child's involvement as per Sections 2 and/or 3 and 5 of this form. We will be emailing you a reference form which needs to be signed by them and returned to enable us to process your application fully. We will use the email address you provide in Section 1 to send you this reference form.

* An authorised representative is a person who holds a position of responsibility in the Church/Place of Worship; this will, for example, include the priest, minister or pastor, churchwarden, steward, elder or deacon, Sunday school or youth leader but must not include anyone related in any way to you and/or your child.


Please contact the Admissions Secretary Mrs Botting for advice on whether you need to submit this form to us or any help with completing it. Mrs Botting can be contacted on 0117 3772100 (extension 218) or by email.


Fields marked * are required.


Please remember you will need to reapply at the end of each academic year for the following year group.


1. General Information


Child's Date of Birth

Type in your postcode to find your address.


 Please enter at least one contact phone number. 


Section 2 and 3 of this form are to find out more about your Church/Place of Worship attendance over the last 3 years. 

Section 2 will ask about your current/main Church/Place of Worship. 

Section 3 only needs to be completed if you have attended more than one Church/Place of Worship in the last 3 years. For example, you have changed your Church/Place of Worship in the last 3 years or attend several Churches/Places of Worship currently. 



2. Current Church/Place of Worship







3. Additional Church/Place of Worship Information

If in the last 3 years you and/or your child have attended a Church/Place of Worship in addition to the one(s) stated in Section 2 please give details below.


If this section doesn't describe your circumstances regarding additional Church/Place of Worship attendance in the last 3 years please use the space below to give us further information.




4. Sibling(s) already at the school who will still be attending the school on the date of proposed admission

If your child has a sibling* who attends SMRT now and will still be doing so on the date of the proposed admission please provide the following information. Only one sibling name is necessary.


See definition of sibling on Page 2 of the Admissions Policy.




5. Church Grouping

Please read the Admissions Procedure and Guidance Notes on the Admissions page of the website very carefully paying particular attention to the oversubscription criteria B and C on page 4 and Note 1 on page 5.


Decide which of the following descriptions come closest to describing you/your child’s involvement in the Church or Place of Worship.


Group 1: The child is a member of Group 1 if the Parent/Carer and/or the child are very regular worshippers. This means normal attendance for worship at a Church/Place of Worship is three or more times a month for a minimum of the last three years.

Group 2: The child is a member of Group 2 if the Parent/Carer and/or the child are regular worshippers. This means normal attendance for worship at a Church/Place of Worship is two or more times a month for a minimum of the last two years.

Group 3: The child is a member of Group 3 if the Parent/Carer and/or the child are occasional worshippers. This means normal attendance for worship at a Church/Place of Worship is a minimum of four times in the past year. 


‘Worship’ in the above includes Sunday services, weekday services, Sunday School or other faith development groups on a Sunday or any other day. It does not include worship during normal school activities.


‘Minimum of years’: Parents/Carers should calculate the minimum number of years’ attendance as including the period up to the day before the specified closing date for submission of the Supplementary Form.


In the event that during the period specified for attendance at worship the church or, in relation to those of other faiths, relevant place of worship, has been closed for public worship and has not provided alternative premises for that worship, the requirements of these admissions arrangements in relation to attendance will only apply to the period when the church, or in relation to those of other faiths, relevant place of worship, or alternative premises have been available for public worship.


Now select ONE of the Groups:




6. Declaration and Form Submission

By submitting this form you are confirming that the information you have given in this online form is true and accurate. 

You will be presented with a link to download a PDF copy of your application after you press 'submit'.



Privacy Policy

I have read the SMRT website Privacy Policy and consent to SMRT processing the data submitted in this form in accordance with this Policy.