For information about applying to our Sixth Form Centre please click here.
Open Evening and Open Mornings for prospective admissions to Year 7

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, our Open Mornings and Evenings this year will be virtual.  This means that there will be a series of short films for you to watch that will give you a flavour of our school.  Our Main School (Y7 admissions) Open Evening films are available to view below.


Headteacher Talk:

The Headteacher, Mrs Gilpin explains our vision for education and gives an overview about what to expect if you choose our school.



The student experience:

Students in year 8 and year 13 share what their experiences of the school have been like from the early days of starting out to being young adults ready to go out into the world. They describe many of the facilities that we have as well as what they like about our school and the reasons for choosing to come here.



How to apply:

The Deputy Headteacher, Mr Taylor, explains how to apply to the school and how the oversubscription criteria work if the school has more applicants than there are places



We are proud of our school ethos and values, if you want to know more about how our values work out in practice in the school please watch this video:


If you have specific questions about the curriculum or about how to apply, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will either answer your queries or forward them to the correct person.


Prospectus for the Main School

A PDF version of this prospectus is available here.

The Statistical Appendix to our prospectus is a document that includes information about our most recent exam results (GCSE, AS and A Level) and school targets.  It also includes other useful information about our school.


A PDF version of the Statistical Appendix is available here.

Admissions Policy 
The Admissions Policy has full details of the application process and criteria. For admissions to the Redcliffe Sixth Form, please see the Sixth Form Admissions Policy.


Our Admissions Policy for 2021-22 is available here.

The previous Admissions Policy for 2020-21 is available here.


The Application Process

Please refer to either of the following processes:


Year 6 Applications to Year 7

Please remember that you must apply to your Local Authority. If you are applying as a church or other faith applicant, you must also apply to the School.


1. Applying to your Local Authority

  • You can apply to your Local Authority via their website. Here are a few links to Local Authority admissions information:


Bath and North East Somerset

North Somerset

South Gloucestershire


2. Applying to the School

In addition to applying to your Local Authority, you must complete our School Supplementary Form, if you are applying as a church or other faith applicant.


Please contact the Admissions Secretary Mrs Botting for advice on whether you need to submit the Supplementary Form to us or for any help with completing it. Mrs Botting can be contacted on 0117 3772100 (extension 218) or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The Supplementary Form for Year 7 applications for September 2021 is now available. The closing date for applications for entry to Year 7 in September 2021 is midnight on 31 October 2020

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In-Year Admissions Years 7 - 11 for children already at secondary school


The In-Year Admission Form for Years 7 - 11 is available below.   

Y7 11 Apply button v2


The Admissions Procedure for In-Year Applications is available here



Appeals will be held, and we will update with more information when we know how these will proceed in accordance with Covid-19 arrangements.


Applications Guidance Notes for Parents/Carers, Church Representatives, and Representatives of Other Faiths

For Year 7 Admissions Guidance Notes click here

For In-Year Admissions Guidance Notes click here.

Key Stage 3
Find out more about learning at Key Stage 3 here.

Ofsted and DfE
Our most recent Ofsted report in 2015 is available here.
Our previous Ofsted report in 2012 is available here.
The Department for Education's School Comparison website can be found here.

Parental Engagement
The impact that our relationships with parents/carers have on a range of outcomes for our students was assessed by Ofsted in 2009. The results of this assessment are available here.

Our Performance as a Faith School
The results of our last Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) report is available here.

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