Religious Education

Religious Education is a valuable part of our school life. 


Together in our R.E. lessons, we explore the religious dimension of living so that students may:


In Year 7, we cover modules on the A-Z of Religion and Belief, Understanding Christianity, the Life of Jesus and two ‘Applying ALIVE’ units which look at philosophical and ethical issues in light of our school ALIVE values.

Year 8 continues developing understanding of the Understanding Christianity topic looking at the Old Testament. We cover the beliefs and practices of Judaism and Sikhism and in particular the Sikh focus on equality.  There are two further ‘Applying ALIVE’ units looking at how people put their beliefs into actions and looking at how art and music are used to express spirituality.


In Year 9 we study the beliefs and practices of Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. We also cover a module looking at smaller world religions. There are further‘Applying ALIVE’ units looking at big questions such as the existence of God, the problem of evil and how religion influences personal morality.

All students take a GCSE in Religious Studies which involves the study of the beliefs, teachings and practices of two world religions: Christianity and Islam. The third part of the course looks at philosophical and ethical issues, covering issues of relationships, good and evil, life and death and human rights.