In Key Stage 3 English, students will build on the skills acquired at Key Stage 2 by studying a range of texts from different periods, cultures, writers and genres. Library lessons and drama lessons are also taught within the English timetable. Year 7 students are taught in their tutor groups. Students in Year 8 and 9 will be taught in mixed ability groups for the coming year. All groups follow the same curriculum and work is differentiated in each class to meet the needs of all abilities. 


In Year 7, students will begin with a poetry unit which will build on their understanding of poetry from KS2 English. They will then go on to study non-fiction texts, a class reader and a Shakespeare play - taught using a specialised Shakespeare Schools unit. 


In Year 8, students will encounter a wide curriculum. They will first enjoy a creative writing unit, focusing on descriptive and narrative writing. They will then learn about short stories, travel writing, the Gothic genre, study a whole class text and Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Students will also spend a half term studying a media unit where they will learn how to read and analyse the moving image using specific media terminology. 


The Year 9 curriculum further prepares students for their GCSE course. They will study a play, some poetry from the Eduqas GCSE Anthology, a media unit, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and will read and write a range of fiction and non-fiction. 


The department runs literacy support sessions for students identified as requiring extra support with their literacy. These sessions are in addition to their normal English lessons and run throughout Key Stage 3.