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The Envision project at St Mary Redcliffe is a fantastic opportunity for students to make a real impact in their local community, developing skills of team work, resilience, creativity and social action. For the past two years, students working in partnership with Envision have shown incredible initiative and tenacity and proven a true inspiration for change in the community. This year's groups focused on the issues of homophobic and sexist language, homelessness, and sexism.

Team 'Equal People' surpassed all expectations with the lasting impact of their project, aimed at confronting homophobic and sexist language used by young people in Bristol. After deciding the most effective way of challenging this sensitive topic was through drama, they developed an hour long educational workshop to present to local schools. Their work made a huge impact on their various audiences and won admiration and critical acclaim from teachers, students and community leaders alike. Their work was so insightful and thought provoking that local charity EACH have had the piece professionally filmed to be used as a teaching resource in schools nationally.

Team 'Vision:Rucksack' focused on homelessness, aiming their project at directly helping the homeless people of Bristol. Their target was to provide backpacks with essential equipment and provisions to make life more bearable for those living on the streets. They successfully applied for funding and were granted £300 from the O2 Think Big programme. Working in partnership with local charity Wild Goose, the group gave away 15 stocked rucksacks to those most in need.


Team Vision: RucksackTeam 'Vision:Rucksack' with local charity Wild Goose


The Viewfinders group took an alternative approach to the problem of homelessness. Their aim was to challenge the negative attitudes of people towards the homeless and the issue of homelessness. Working in conjunction with local charity Independent People they researched what it was actually like to be homeless and produced a short film which innovatively confronts people's negative views on homelessness and encourages viewers to put themselves in the shoes of those living on the streets.

The Equality Team wanted to highlight how sexist attitudes still exist in society and aimed to educate teenagers on how to avoid reproducing these attitudes. They gave a presentation to year 10 students, highlighting the historic struggle for equality between the sexes, outlined the continuing lack of representation by women in more powerful, high status jobs and discussed with students on how changing their behaviour can have an impact on this important issue.

The Envision co-ordinator working with St Mary Redcliffe was so impressed by the achievements of the Envision projects at the school, that she invited the regional stakeholders of the project to an assembly at the school showcasing the achievements of the four groups. The audience were blown away by the accomplishments of each group, vividly illustrating how individuals can make a difference through community action. The first two teams mentioned have also been invited to present their projects at a special event on the 28th May to an audience including Mayor George Ferguson.